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Dan Conrad





Welcome to the Website of Dan Conrad. Dan Conrad is an artist, designer and writer.

My People,

Thank you for visiting my website. I am located in the New York City area.  I work with film, art and I write. I am constantly working on different projects. Altough I work in so many mediums I feel it is cross polinating. Everything I do makes the other stuff more interesting. It is about creating something fun. That is always my first goal. Here are some of my current projects.

 My latest finished project is a book. Choose Your Way Through: You Vs. The Zombie Apocalypse. (left) It is currently availible on the Kindle E-Reader or Barnes And Noble Nook. It is also availible in a beutiful paperback edition.  You will find a link belowNot only will the book stir nostalgia of your childhood ‘choose’ adventure books, as it mocks their style and structure with a loving homage, but it will feed your action and horror fix as well. 


 The Magic bears of the Land of Infinite Dreams is a raunchy yet magic animated web series availible to view in many places including You Tube and Funny or Die. It stars Elmer Santos as a frustrated Mayor of magic bears. haveing to deal with the insanity all around him. You can check out the episodes and have some bear fun at www.themagicbears.com. There are two episodes availible now, and two more on the way very soon. Also in the world of animation, I am working on an animated series about a guy who talks to his cat. It's called Panic Attack.

 I am currently promoting a short film Greg's Gaurdian Angel with Phalanx Film and All Things Random. It is getting great reviews so far! We are also in  pre-production of another series of Marty and Doug's New Religion.

 On this website you will see examples of my art work, like the one below. some examples of things i put together for my various stage and film projects and links to see some of those things on other sites, such as my film work. 

My animation and publishing company is called Rocketjet Worldwide... It's super great.

Don't forget to write in my guest book. Unless you are one of my enemies. If you are  one of my enemies you can go suck a lemon... you know who you are. I hope you enjoy it and If you have any comments or questions or just plain have nothing better to do please email me at the link above.









 Click on the picture to the left to take a look at some more Dan Conrad artwork. This along with all the work on the page you will be linked to was created using only Microsoft Paint.