News and Museings.


Future Cartoons

Working hard on some new cartoons. They are not starring Dirty Bear... He is the antagonist of the first two episodes. He was not well liked... by anyone. So we are gonna try something different and feature some completly different weirdos. I also redited and fixed a couple of issues I had from the first episode. Look foword to shareing them with my fan.


Choose your own adventure 

Been working on a new book, a choose your own adventure book, if you remember those and are old enough. Its fun to write, but puzzling. When i finish a draft i will pop it on the website if its not too long. Not that anyone reads this but im an egomanic like i have said before. Its about zombies and i keep comibg up with fun ways to kill zombies just to discover, its all been done. Its an over tapped well but still awesome.


Panic Attack and More Dirty Bear

This is the Blog for all things related to this website, I doubt many will read this tucked away on my website. But I have the App on my phone that makes it very easy to add and I will, I know its a waste of time but as you can see from this website wasting time is something I like to do. Especially when I'm super busy as I am these days. Soon I will start recording the audio for Panic Attack and am close to finishing another dirty bear adventure. These are two of Four Cartoons I am at some sort of stage of working on, again, Being busy isn't enough. perhaps its easier then thinking about mortality... DAMN! I Did it again... now I'm thinking about Mortality. and So are you. My Bad.